What Are Some of The Differences Between Jerkbaits And Crankbaits?

Most bass anglers in the world today keep a wide range of both jerk baits and crankbaits in their tackle boxes which is not any strange as they can always thrive and survive as long as the conditions remain suitable. The most popular and golden question that most people keep asking however is the difference between jerk baits and crankbaits. The latter basically are shorter and fatter when it comes to the body shape with a variety of various diving bill styles while the former are identified by their longer and more slender bodies. Even though it is not a fast and hard rule, jerk baits are mostly used during the winter season while crankbaits are the most suitable for use in the summer months. Even with the above info, most people still find it so challenging to differentiate between crank baits and jerk baits and if you are among them, then read on below to find out more differences between the two.

Crankbaits are identified with not just a shorter and stubbier body shape but also made of only a couple of treble hooks while jerk baits, on the contrary, tend to be slightly longer and more slender with more treble hooks (up to three.)The way in which one fishes a jerk bait also varies depending on both the water conditions and the season. They are commonly fished with more action that is achieved by either jerking or twitching the tip of the rod before pausing it. Crankbaits on the other hand, even though they can be fished in the same way, tend to be more often either cast along or near some type of structure before retrieving them in a more regular fashion. They are among the most popular options for trolling with considering that it is so easy for one to control their running depth via the speed of the boat or the downrigger.

Body types, as said above, play a major role in differentiating between jerk baits and crankbaits. The body of a jerk bait tends to be thinner and longer compared to that of a crankbait. Even though they were both traditionally made of balsa wood, the modern-day manufacturers have switched to using hard plastic for jerk baits while crankbaits are still primarily made of balsa wood. Visiting this website is recommendable if you wish to read more.

Most anglers also claim that crankbaits run deeper than jerkbaits all thanks to their larger dive bills than hinder them from achieving the same depth. Learn more here about crankbait vs jerbait.

Get to know more from this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5G1XHgF38QA

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